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IconHardwoods of North America
IconHardwood Species
IconBoxelder: Acer negundo, Aceraceae
IconMaple: Acer spp, Aceraceae
IconYellow Buckeye: Aesculus octandra, Hippocastanaceae
IconTree-of-Heaven: Ailanthus altissima, Simarubaceae
IconAlder, Red Alder: Alnus rubra Betu laceae
IconServiceberry: Amelanchier spp. Rosaceae
IconMadrone: Arbutus spp. Ericaceae
IconBlack Mangrove: Avicennia spp. Avicenniaceae (Verbenaceae)
IconAmerican Birch: Betula spp. Betu laceae American Birch:
IconAmerican Hornbeam: Carpinus caroliniana Betu laceae
IconHickory: Carya spp. Juglandaceae
IconAmerican Chestnut: Castanea den tata Fagaceae
IconGiant Chinkapin: Castanopsischrysophylla, Fagaceae
IconCatalpa: Catalpa spp. Bignoniaceae
IconHackberry: Celtis spp. Ulmaceae
IconButtonwood: Conocarpus erectus Combretaceae
IconFlowering Dogwood: Cornus florida, Cornaceae
IconCommon Persimmon: Diospyros spp. Ebenaceae
IconAmerican Beech: Fagus grandifolia, Fagaceae
IconAmerican Ash: Fraxinus spp, Oleaceae
IconHoneylocust: Gleditsia triacanthos,  Leguminosae
IconKentucky Coffeetree: Gymnocladus dioicus Leguminosae
IconSilverbell: Halesia spp. Styracaceae
IconWitch Hazel: Hamamelis virginiana Hamamel idaceae
IconWalnut/ Butternut : Juglans cinerea Juglandaceae
IconBlack Walnut: Juglans nigra Juglandaceae
IconMountain Laurel: Kalmia latifolia Ericaceae Mountain Laurel:
IconSweetgum: Liquidambar styraciflua Hamamel idaceae
IconYellow Poplar: Liriodendron tulipifera, Magnoliaceae
IconTanoak: Lithocarpus densiflorus, Fagaceae
IconOsage Orange: Maclura pomifera, Moraceae
IconMagnolia: Magnolia spp. Magnoliaceae
IconSweetbay: Magnolia virginiana, Magnoliaceae
IconApple: Malus sylvestris, Rosaceae
IconTupelo: Nyssa spp., Nyssaceae
IconHophornbeam: Ostrya spp., Betulaceae
IconSycamore: Platanus occidentalis, Platanaceae
IconAspen: Populus spp. Salicaceae,
IconCottonwood: Populus spp., Salicaceae
IconMesquite: Prosopis spp. Leguminosae
IconBlack Cherry: Prunus serotina, Rosaceae
IconOak: Quercus spp. Fagaceae
IconBuckthorn: Rhamnaceae Rhamnus spp.
IconSumac: Rhus spp., Anacardiaceae
IconBlack Locust: Robinia pseudoacacia, Leguminosae
IconBlack Willow: Salix nigra, Salicaceae
IconElder: Sambucus spp., Caprifoliaceae
IconSassafras: Sassafras albidum, Lauraceae
IconAmerican Basswood: Tilia americana, Tiliaceae
IconElm: Ulmus spp., Ulmaceae
IconCalifornia Laurel: Umbellularia californica, Lauraceae
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